Convertible Tables

Do you want a billiard table but are short on space? Need help convincing a special someone to let you buy one?

No need to make lifestyle sacrifices because of limited space. A convertible table is PERFECT for you! Now you can enjoy a round of billiards right there in the comfort of your own …. dining room!

PRONTO, the name of our line of convertible tables, is a professional quality billiard table that can be easily converted into:

  • a dining table
  • a conference table in an office
  • a desk in a home or office


It’s as easy as 1-2-3!

  1. Take the table top off.
  2. Push the table top into a specially-designed storage space underneath.
  3.  Enjoy your game!

*Our convertible tables have a ball-collecting mechanism inside the table, so you do not have to worry about lost balls or where to put them each time you hit one into a pocket.

Watch below to see how simply you can convert your Vision table from a dining table to a pool table! It takes about a minute or two.

The Vision… 

With a PRONTO convertible table in your home, you will find yourself ready to host a party that is truly memorable and sure to make your friends and neighbors jealous! In about a minute, PRONTO can be transformed from a dining table your guests just ate at into a great-looking billiard table for the after party fun!

Why a Vision convertible table?

That’s simple! With Vision Billiards, you can feel confident that you have selected the best possible table for the best possible price. We have the world’s largest and most versatile selection of convertible tables. Moreover we offer them at prices that simple cannot be beat for the quality and craftsmanship we offer. Each of our tables are constructed from the highest quality materials available. We use solid oak, birch and ash wood, the world’s finest Italian and Brazilian slate, durable high grade glass and plexiglass, and the best cloth available: Simonis, Championship and WSP Textiles. We also have designed a wide variety of convertible tables to match any style be it modern, traditional, old world, elegant, simple or classic.

Check out our convertible table styles in our gallery. You also can view or download our brochure. It lists all the custom features we offer as well as more details about our standard options.


Create Your Own Custom Convertible Table

You may prefer to use our online design tool to create your own custom convertible table. Our design tool enables you to visualize the features you want to change.

To start designing your own custom convertible pool table, click the link below. Once you arrive at the design tool webpage, you can use the panel on the right to select your preferences for the design you want your table to have.

Feel free to call with questions if you have trouble figuring out how to use the design tool.


The tool allows you to customize:

  • size
  • frame design
  • drawer options
  • cloth color/design (sports team logos, fraternity letters, name initials)
  • wood (type, stain color)
  • table top material (glass or wood)
  • leg material
  • game type

*Note that custom made pool tables take longer for delivery as each one is made from scratch and imported from Europe. Manufacturing and delivery can be expected to take around 4-6 weeks.

To place an order or for pricing info please call + 1 224 628 2921 or send an email to . Let us know which table you want to purchase. Pricing varies depending on the table size and materials use. We ship directly from our warehouse near Chicago and from local retail locations. Tables are available for viewing at local retail dealers. Contact us for the location of our retail dealer nearest you.

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