Designer & convertible pool tables

Best Quality & Best Price

We offer top quality designer billiard tables for an unbeatable value. We were of the first to make convertible pool tables in the mid 2000s. Since we have strived to remain the best in the industry. Our tables are priced affordably and much less in most cases or no more in fewer than every other similar premium table in the business. View Tables»

The Vision is Yours

Vision Billiards (previously Baltic Billiards) offers the world's largest collection of convertible tables in styles to match any aesthetic. We also create YOUR VISION of the perfect table. Choose your own combination of style, stain, and cloth color choices. Choose from sports: Pool, Snooker, Russian Pyramid, Carom and Ping Pong. Learn More»

Award Winning Quality

Our tables have won international awards for craftsmanship and style and have been used for many official billiards tournaments. Our top tier tables are made from a careful selection of the best materials available: solid wood, slate and professional championship cloth. Our tables are laboratory tested for durability. View Awards »
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